It not the people that deserve to suffer

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We decided to go as the angsty teen couple from the movie Juno and it was a hit! I was comfortable and my husband (albeit a bit chilly) was a hit as a high school track star. Everyone at the party instantly knew who we were. We h[……]

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Preston shouted at the crowd

I don force anything onto my children, I let them set their own pace. As they are homeschooled Corey doesn have to be up for a certain time. A peek at what she shared with us has the reaction to your giant family bed been like?. Burgerplease: When I was 6, I woke up because of a nightmare, everyone[……]

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He is signed to a major label

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Well I am anyway. And my husband should be too because he the go to guy when it comes to doing things, anything, that involves imagination and crafty competence. Let just say, Halloween is not my most glowing time of year. While at Starfleet Medi[……]

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The possibilities seem endless

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hair extensions I sure this frustration is true of almost any specialized, subjective profession experts have tremendously deep knowledge that the public doesn have, be it in fashion or architecture or music or writing or cooking, and likely lamen[……]

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